About Sahaja Yoga Meditation

With Sahaja Yoga (SY) Meditation, you can improve all areas of your life; including overcoming personal challenges, managing stress levels, improving your health and getting more enjoyment from life.


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What to expect from the first Sahaja Yoga session



Three energy channels exist in each human being to manage our evolution and inner growth.  The left channel (blue) corresponds to our past, emotions, and desires.   The right channel (yellow) corresponds to the future and all physical and mental activity. The central channel is the channel of our evolution.


These are the energy centres that are the source of human qualities (such as love, innocence,  , self esteem).  Discovered thousands of years ago, these chakras govern our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  All chakras are located within the plexuses along the spine.

Nerve Centres / Plexuses

A nerve plexus is a system of connected nerve fibers that link spinal nerves with specific areas of the body. Fibers in a plexus connect the spinal cord and the body by grouping themselves into one larger nerve. The human body consists of several nerve plexuses, including the brachial, cervical, coccygeal, cardiac, lumbar, sacral and solar (celiac) plexus.


Once we have our Self Realization, our Kundalini communicates the condition of our chakras to us.  When we feel a cool (not cold) breeze over our hands, or within our bodies, or at the very top of our heads, She is flowing freely, and all is fine.  When She encounters imbalances in the chakras, She will bring you the knowledge of the roots which will show you how to nourish your chakras and channels so they become stronger, and no longer block the flow of the Kundalini.

What is Self Realization?

You need to experience your Kundalini awakening to have the knowledge of the roots, or the absolute truth, which is Self Realization.


Roots of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, a renowned spiritual teacher, hailing from India (March 21, 1923 – Feb 23, 2011).  Her parents were actively involved in the struggle for Indian independence, and she would later join the battle herself as a young woman. She frequently stayed with Mahatma Gandhi in his ashram, consulting with him on spiritual matters. Shri Mataji would go on to study medicine at the Christian Medical College in Ludhiana and the Balakram Medical College in Lahore.


The unique and profound spiritual achievement of Sahaja Yoga could only be made possible through a technique that allows humans to connect to the universal collective consciousness. Shri Mataji first accomplished this feat in 1970 on a beach near Mumbai, realizing the special gift she had and in those moments, established the very purpose of her life.


Shri Mataji made this spiritual connection accessible to all human beings. Having achieved this breakthrough, she then developed the technique through which anyone’s Kundalini energy could be raised, spontaneously and with little effort, through a sequence of simple steps with no prerequisites, ‘tests’ or previous experience required.

The growth of Sahaja Yoga across the world

About Us

Sahaja Yoga is run by a registered not-for-profit organization that provides free meditation  programs across the country. In fact, we’ve been providing meditation programs to communities in more than 75 countries worldwide for over 40 years, people of all ages, ethnicities and cultures.

Why organizations partner with us

Through spiritual energy-based meditation, we provide audiences with a unique, practical self-improvement strategy and a path for pursing their spiritual journey that nourishes every aspect of physical and emotional health and well-being and strengthens total mind-body resiliency.


We’ve partnered with several community and civic organizations across Canada to organize Sahaja Yoga programs for a wide variety of audiences; including, for example: libraries, community centers, senior centers, and organizations dedicated to health, fitness and wellness.


Community response to our programs has been overwhelmingly positive, which has inspired us to expand our partnership program. We are always gratified when people who attend our sessions tell us how the practice of meditation through Sahaja Yoga has improved their lives.  Our programs and classes are always free.

How  to engage us

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